How does the Home Manager program work?

AtlantaRentals.Com is contracted to create a “model home atmosphere." The Home Manager is selected based on the furniture and decorative accessories that will enhance the property and agrees to maintain the home in a "to sell condition" until the home is sold.

If the home is sold, our Home Manager has "first-choice-priority" to move into another AtlantaRentals.Com property.

Who are Home Managers?

    The “typical” Home Managers are:
  • 1. People just like you.
  • 2. Relocating executives and families who want to wait to get to know the area before purchasing.
  • 3. Families who have sold their existing home and need short-term accommodations while their new home is under construction.
  • 4. Individuals and families saving to purchase a home.
  • 5. People going through a major life event – marriage, divorce, downsize, foreclosure. This program is a good option.

How do I benefit?

  • 1. You save a lot of money! Monthly fees are well below the rental value of the home, often 30 to 75 percent below the market rate.
  • 2. No long term lease – Give us a 20 days notice to vacate compared to the standard 60 day notice to vacate a property.
  • 3. It allows you flexibility and time to explore opportunities before you buy, build, or lease.
  • 4. Live in a beautiful home in a nice neighborhood at a fraction of the cost others pay.
  • Is there any guarantee how long I will stay in the home?

    No. However, because these homes have been on the market for a considerable length of time, it is rare to move in and then move out right away! In fact, some home managers have been in these homes for as long as three years! The average “plateau” is between 6 and 12 months.

    How often is the home shown? Are we notified of showings?

    If you've sold a home before, you know that it isn't every day someone is looking at your home. Realtors show homes only to qualified buyers. You will receive a courtesy call before a showing.

    Do we have to be there to show the Home?

    No, you do not show the home or answer any questions about the home. The agents do that!

    What happens if the home sells?

    If a home sells, we will immediately begin locating another home for you.

    How much will this cost me?

    Very little! Unlike “standard” rentals, you are not committed to a lengthy contract, the damage deposits are less, and we do not collect first and last months in advance. In fact, the cost of living in an AltantaRentals.com home is 30 percent to 75 percent below the market rate.

    What are the requirements for qualification?

    • 1. Provide us with pictures of your furnishings and accessories.
    • 2. "Positive" attitude and keep the home clean, neat, and presentable.
    • 3. No smoking
    • 4. Some pets may be considered...

    How do I apply?

    • 1. Fill out and submit the online application
    • 2. Send pictures and descriptions of your furniture and accessories to info@atlantarentals.com.
    • 3. Get ready to Move In!

    Further Questions?

    If you have any further questions please contact us by phone at 404-255-0606.