Hello & Welcome to Atlanta Rentals

AtlantaRentals.Com has been serving the Atlanta area since 1992 with an innovative approach to real estate marketing in which we place qualified Home Managers into vacant properties. Imagine living in a $350,000 condo for as little as $650 a month or a $2,000,000 estate for as little as a $1500 a month. Home Managers live in fabulous homes for less than an apartment ! Hundreds of satisfied clients have enjoyed the luxury lifestyle through AtlantaRentals.Com.

Our "WIN-WIN-WIN" model is unique!

WIN - Home owners like it because you are paying the lawn care, utilities, and staging their vacant house.

WIN - Agents like it because they know you will keep the home clean, dishes out of the sink, and beds made.

WIN - YOU like it because (a) it is financially rewarding, (b) neighborhoods are great, and (c) YOU have maximum flexibility, meaning you are not tied to a long term commitment with a sixty days notice to leave ! This is especially important if you are relocating to Atlanta and do not know all the areas.